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Hi! I'm Christian Rivera a.k.a C.Note, a Digital Producer from Philadelphia, PA currently in Rochester, NY.

I support media expansion for coaches, speakers, and personal development experts such as my friends at Personality Hacker through consulting and production of video, photo audio, graphic design

I originally created DOPEamine as an outlet and expression about my mental health frustrations with ADHD and Cyclothymia, a form of bipolar disorder, and how those challenges manifested in day-to-day life.

I started podcasting to get my feelings into the world and out of my body by conducting my own cognitive behavioral therapy openly for others to learn from while I learn myself. I've since created courses to support INTPs more directly with those lessons in the areas of relationships, creativity, and intuitive expansion.

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DOPEamine is a podcast created by Christian Rivera a.k.a. C.Note to focus on sharing his story as an INTP in the fields of creativity, personality, and mental health. 

Through those stories, C.Note shares lessons learned, psychological models, philosophies, and ideas that better your life as an INTP whether you're an artist, parent, partner, and/or friend.

We dabble in psychological models such as Myers-Briggs, the Enneagram, Spiral Dynamics, and Human Design along with discussing concepts and books from Carl Jung, Ken Wilber, Seth Godin, Sadhguru, and more.

We have over 400 episodes to explore or you can take one of our courses for more direct learning.

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A FREE Mini-Course

Use our free mini-course to help you figure if you're an INTP for sure. Tests are great and helpful but personal explanations and experience may be the tipping point in you understanding yourself as an INTP and beginning to answer the call on your personal growth adventure.


Start Your Journey:

If you've just tested as INTP for the first time then I suggest The INTP Launch Kit.

Been at this for a while and looking for advice then pick up The INTP Empowerment Guide.

Ready to grow your intuition? Blast off to Cosmic Calibration.


Begin to understand your INTP 4-letter code, explore how to get the most out of play and make your best decisions, and how to begin making your personal growth upgrades through discovering your Dynamic Personality.

If you have just learned that you're an INTP then this is the place to start. 



The INTP Empowerment Guide is for the INTP wanting growth strategies to equip themselves for better days.

Upgrade your understanding of each cognitive function, integrate shadow functions to become more well-rounded, and learn how to better manage your energy, and start to feel like you can take control of your life.

Payment plan available.



Why can't an INTP be adaptable, funny, engaging, and intelligent all at the same time?

In this side quest, you'll learn how to engage with that side yourself through exploration and play in a series of videos dedicated to INTP intuitive growth.

Payment plan available.


Start Your Productivity Master Quest

INTPs can notoriously have a difficult time with productivity in a world that wants results. What is it about being an INTP that makes it difficult to be productive? What will it take for you to get anything done? Find out in our INTP Productivity Master Quest. 


Start a Side Quest:

Need a break from the main adventure? These side quests offer varying insights on life's most needed elements for an INTP.

Vital for the long road ahead.


Developing strong bonds and positive relationships may be something that's eluded you. Relationships are tough...they're extra difficult as an INTP.

With this side quest, you'll learn what it's like to find and maintain relationships without losing yourself as an INTP.



If you're looking to improve your relationship to money as an INTP then this course is for you. We cover how you can better handle money as an INTP, money philosophies that can benefit you, and step into the wheel of reciprocity to get money flowing into your life.



How does your personality connect to your creativity and aid in braving the wilderness of a life untethered from a typical job?

This side quest is designed to bring your creativity into view, to equip yourself with the needed tools to build a creative career of your own.


Request a Guide:

It's dangerous to go alone. Hire a guide to support your discovery, exploration, and expansion of your territory through the lens of personality.

I specialize in INTPs but all personality types welcome. 

Personality Discovery

Discover your Myers-Briggs personality type with a one-on-one session with a real-life person, a professional profiler, Christian Rivera. 

Tests can be powerful starters but working with a human brings context into the equation.

Together, we discover your personality type to help you begin your journey on the right foot. We ask questions about your life, who you are, and who you've been. We then connect the dots to explain how you learn best, your sense of reality, how you show up to the world, and how you make your best decisions.


Personality Growth Coaching

Diagnosis of your personality is the first step to personal freedom. It's like finding a map of the territory but you may not know where you are.

Personality Growth Coaching is the compass you need to figure out where you stand, where you can go next, what other systems can tell you about yourself, and be supported on your journey through the wilderness.

Are you a healthy version of your type? How can you begin to connect with those around you? How can you get the best ideas out of your mind? How can you begin to make that career vision into a reality? This is where you start.

I specialize in INTPs but all personality types welcome. 


The Ultimate Mentorship

Asking for and accepting help is one of the toughest things we can do in our lives. But the truth is...we get stuck, we don't know everything, or we don't have anyone in our corner.

This mentorship is perfect for growing INTPs who need support in their schooling, relationships, career-building, productivity, creativity, or simply a space to work through ideas and concepts without judgment.

Hiring Christian as your mentor means 2 Personality Growth Coaching sessions per month and unlocking every course available on this site for as long as you're enrolled.


Why Focus on INTPs?

I see INTPs consistently struggling to feel appreciated for their natural gifts, hold themselves back from what they want due to that feedback, perpetuating negative cycles about themselves, or falling into the trap of identifying with unhealthy INTPs who find the logic to not bother trying to live the best life they can.

I resonate with these challenges and as a fellow INTP, I want to support better opportunities for INTPs who are looking to improve their lives and get out of that cycle.

DOPEamine is a platform dedicated to uncovering personal empowerment to help you unlock your individual potential to improve your personal peace, self-love, and accurate self-care

We use Carl Jung's Personality Archetypes, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, The Enneagram, and other psyche-analytical models to support your exploration to unlock your sense of self, your sense of normal, and to navigate the world on your terms.

Discover Your Purpose as an INTP

How can you begin to explore and expand as an INTP then find your purpose when new possibilities are always showing up?

Why DOPEamine, Why Now?

In a time increasingly split by social media's massive unconscious influence on society, we've entered an era of intense loneliness, dispair, comparison, guilt, shame, and disconnection on an unprecedented level.

It's become more difficult to trust in each other and even more difficult to trust in ourselves as we take fewer breaks to reflect, become more distracted, and lost in the noise.

DOPEamine isn't about blaming companies who use personality to feed you's about giving you the armor to protect yourself by knowing yourself better than any algorithm and making better choices for yourself.

I believe that trust in ourselves, one person at a time, is how we begin to take develop collective contribution, connection, level-up emotionally, take healthy risks, unconditionally love ourselves, and gain self-respect to put out into the world. 

I call this personal empowerment. Personal empowerment is about making better choices, making the unconscious conscious, and taking responsibility for our lives regardless of what is thrown at us.

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