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Add Finding and Maintaining Relationships for INTPs to your order to help bring your love along for the journey. An INTPs access point to connection is usually through humor, lightness, and joy. So our Finding and Maintaining Relationships for INTPs course is a perfect companion for Cosmic Calibration.

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Cosmic Calibration: Core Principles to Access Joy and Adventure for INTPs

Cosmic Calibration helps you, the INTP, to better connect with your intuition without sacrificing your intelligence or sense of control. This program is a set of core principles for accessing joy in a way that nurtures and expands your thinking ability.

We take you from being stuck on the treadmill of life and give you the tools you need to start walking on your own, in whatever direction you'd like, and find the answers you need in the unlikeliest of places. You'll build better connections, develop quicker wit in each moment, and brainstorm amazing ideas for your future.

What you'll be learning:

  • Advice and stories about expanding your intuitive ability as an INTP...
  • How to ask better questions and make better connections...
  • How to become more spontaneous and have way more fun!

We know you'll love this product but just in case it doesn't quite hit the mark, we provide a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee on this product.